Jin Han stone general manager Li Haijun was elected director

27 days, international cooperation committee of chamber of Commerce of stone industry of national federation of Industry and commerce is established in Shuitou town of Nan ‘an.Nan ‘an Jinhan Stone Co., LTD. Director and general manager Li Haijun was elected the director of the International Cooperation Committee of the Stone Industry Chamber of Commerce of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce;Wang Waixuan, general manager of Fujian Huahui Stone Industry Co., Ltd. and Fujian Jianming Stone Industry Co., Ltd. was elected secretary general.

“With the rise and development of other stone producing areas in the world and the appreciation of RMB in the future, whether the image of ‘Chinese stone’ can be successfully established will affect the development destiny of Chinese stone.”In his inauguration speech, Li said that the promotion of the international brand image of Chinese stone should not rely on the meager strength of enterprises alone, but should be promoted by industry organizations and enterprises together.

In his opinion, the influence, trust and added value of Chinese stone products in the world can only be improved by establishing a strong brand, positioning the brand of “Chinese stone” through rich connotation of value and values, and giving the brand of “Chinese stone” surprise, passion and impulse.The core of the brand “Chinese stone” is to carry forward the spirit of craftsman, attach importance to science and technology, and fulfill the spirit of international cooperation contract, especially the Chinese mine resources in international cooperation.

Li Haijun said that it was in this historical background that he proposed and established the Nan ‘an Stone Foreign Trade association.However, the development of a regional association is limited after all, in order to enhance the overall charm of “Chinese stone” going out, a larger platform or organization is needed to traction, and acFIC stone industry Chamber of Commerce, as a national stone organization, is fully capable of shouldering this heavy responsibility.

“National chamber of commerce for stone industry after mining working committee, composite board professional committee, the committee and so on seven big committee, the establishment of the international cooperation committee is to deal with the needs of the development of the stone rapidly, can improve the development of stone industry efficiency and quality, is of great significance to the full use of various resources both at home and abroad.”China stone chamber of Commerce secretary, director of the expert Committee Li Shanli said that after the establishment of the International Cooperation Committee, will be committed to promoting the sustainable development of the stone industry, improve production efficiency and level, and ensure the stone industry investment decision-making process efficient, reasonable and scientific.

At the meeting, the Stone industry Chamber of Commerce of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce and Beijing Yingke Law firm reached a strategic partnership;The Mining Commission and the International Cooperation Committee signed a contract on the cooperation of resource superiority between the two sides.

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