How to put marble and other stones in the “right” position?

Want to take seriously slightly only in production processing and installation process actually, use the effect such as collocation, splice opportunely, place of the good side place that can wait for marble comes out, let its develop a more beautiful adornment effect.

The attribute that the stone material place such as marble has chromatic aberration and grain differ lets its have more the possibility that apply, also gave sufficient stylist more creative inspiration.

Use product solutions to solve problems.Enterprises can integrate the original single product, and integrate multiple product sets into an organic whole, so as to bring greater value-added services to customers and form differentiated solutions.

Make good use of the chase grain in the stone material such as marble, let the front and rear in the stone material such as marble left and right sides or the grain of fluctuation left and right sides end by end, create the natural design that gives extremely rich aesthetic feeling, the imagination space that abstract painting wind leaves the person that admire.

The beauty of stone material and simple sense, as well as the feeling of luxurious high-end, it is other any decorate material irreplaceable, although buy a price to be high, but the burnish that can maintain original state for several decades, have very tall long-term use value, so, more and more decorate choice marble.

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