Marble selection techniques and schemes

Marble is in the home market can say are very common, and families decorate now choose marble to decorate, but a lot of people are obsessed when buy, because the quality of the marble is good and bad relations with us in the future use and decoration of the overall effect, below I for everybody to popularize the choose and buy of the marble tips, like remember forwarded to collect!

1.Look at the color of marble

Above all when we are marble of choose and buy, want to see the color of marble above all and decorative pattern, color we should choose a few as far as possible pure the color that does not have too much impurity, do not choose the brick face that the surface has plastic glue, we besides want to see colour and lustre to see the opposite side of marble even has not have pore.


We should smell the marble to have stimulating smell when buying, if there is that we try not to buy, must be mixed with a lot of chemicals.

3.The surface of the

When we buy, we must touch the surface of the material to see whether it is smooth and smooth. We should use our fingernails to gently scratch the surface to see if there are scratches and gently knock to see if there are cracks. If not, we can be assured to make the purchase.

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