“Today Fujian” into the Nan ‘an Jinhan stone

No hill without a stone, no time without thinking.The 19th China Xiamen International Stone Exhibition started in Xiamen, gathering the world’s stones and sharing the corresponding space.On the first day of the exhibition, a large number of people gathered across the world map to explore the reality of West City. Jinhan stone is committed to building a boutique museum of stone art.This exhibition.The unique termites will show their artistic style, which is highly valued and recognized by leaders at all levels.

Now we have launched the cloud sea white, which belongs to the grey white, this mine is located in the Crystal island of Greece, this color is currently in line with the world style of the popular color, mainly with the advantages of grey and white, in the market now formed a broad should.A person’s vision, determines the size of the enterprise pattern.

Zheng Always insists on both domestic and foreign grasp, as its entry into the international market.We have been engaged in this stone industry for more than twenty years. After these twenty years of efforts, we have made considerable achievements and have formed an international scale.In particular, in 2018, we successfully acquired the Yunhaibai mine in Greece…