Irregular marble pattern an intermediate finish

Marble is impressive for its unique texture and many potential shades (including white, gray, pink, green and black), used in interior decoration, floors, benches and exterior walls of some civil buildings.Its aesthetic prominence has reached such a high level that patterns in materials that mimic ceramic designs, such as porcelain, have become very popular.
There are four main types of marble finishes
1. Raw: The marble is sawed off and left behind as soon as it is removed from the rock.
2. Polishing: The most popular finish.By polishing the surface, the texture of the workpiece is replaced by a smooth appearance and gloss.

3. Irregular shapes: This is an intermediate finish with an opaque and smooth appearance that preserves the natural color of the rock.

4. Brushing: This involves brushing the rock surface with a diamond abrasive brush to create a slightly uneven surface with a slight satin finish.