Euronet B Mine Marble

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Color: Brown

Usage: Wall and floor applications, countertops, mosaic, fountains, pool and wall capping, stairs, window sills

Finishing Surface: Honed, Aged, Polished, Sawn Cut, Sanded, Rockfaced, Sandblasted, Bushhammered, Tumbled

Additional Names: Euronet B Quarry Marble,Brown Wooden Marble,Euro Wooden Marble,Euronet B Quarry Marble,European Network Brown Marble,European Network Red Vein Black Marble


The marble of EURONET B mine is brown marble of quarry in China

EURONET B marble is a kind of dark brown wood grain marble mined in China. Recommended for swimming pools. Also known as EURONET B quarry marble, brown wood marble, European wood marble, EURONET quarry B marble, EURONET brown marble, EURONET red vein black marble. European B marble can be processed into honing, aging, polishing, sawing, sanding, stone surface, sandblasting, hammering, rolling, etc.

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