Verde Ming Marble

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Color: Green

Usage: Bathroom, Wall cladding, Counter top, Shower, Mosaic, Stairs, Dimensional stone, Flooring residentia

Finishing Surface: Honed, Aged, Polished, Sawn Cut, Sanded, Rockfaced, Sandblasted, Bushhammered, Tumbled

Additional Names: Ming Green Marble,Verde Ming Green Marble,China Green Marble,Green Agate Marble,Verde Pavone Marble


Jadeite marble of Ming Dynasty (also known as bright green marble, produced in China). The color of the car body is grass green, and the shadow green line extends to the small white circle on the line. The image depicted is like the morning dew on the branches and leaves. This natural pattern gives people a sense of pleasure that can be felt both physically and mentally. Stable color, not easy to fade, hard texture, generally processed into polishing, polishing, rolling, sandblasting and other surface treatment. According to its color and performance, it is suitable for dressing table, sink, mosaic, interior wall, floor, bathroom, etc. Facing: polishing, aging, polishing, sawing, sanding, rock surface, sandblasting, hammering, rolling, weatherproof marble, etc.; for exterior wall interior wall and floor application, colntertops, mosaics, fountains, swimming pools and wall capping, stairs, windowsills, etc.

Ming Dynasty marble is a grass like green, with shaded green lines extending to small white circles The lines of marble mining in China are connected. It is especially suitable for bathroom, wall, table top, shower, mosaic, stairs, three-dimensional stone, floor housing and other design projects. Also known as bright green marble, green marble, Chinese green marble, Dandong green marble, green agate marble, green PavA marble. Fudeming marble can be processed into polishing, aging, polishing, sawing, sanding, stone surface, sandblasting, hammering, rolling, etc.

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